The Health Benefits of Watermelon has properties. Watermelon, it helps digestion, contain magnesiumMagnésium, rich in vitamin C, improve skin 2

Health benefits of Watermelon

What is watermelon ? As health benefits of Watermelon, it a large fruit up to 25cm diameter. Firstly Watermelon is 92% water. Secondly, 6% is sugar, that what makes...

10 Reasons to Eat More Tomatoes 2

10 -Reasons To Eat More Tomatoes

Looking at the 10 reasons to eat more tomatoes, it has great health advantages. Correctly, they’re highly versatile and can be ready in a reputedly unending number of dishes.Tomatoes...

Bitter kola 3

Bitter kola

Descriptions of Bitter Kola/Garcinia Bitter kola or Garcinia like many different crops is used for non-ordinary clinical remedy everywhere the arena. It’s the fruit which has a bitter taste,...