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Recipe against poison: snake venom, scorpion and other

For recipe against poison, bitter cola is one exceptional fruit that intervein in terms of poison most especially in snake and scorpion poison. Poison is an important issue that must not be used for a joke when someone is a victim of it. There are different types of poison: food poison such as toxicity and antibiotic, insect poison, and the poison of reptile.

We are talking about the snake and scorpion. As I mentioned in my previous post about recipe against poison, Bitter kola like many different crops is used for non-ordinary clinical remedies everywhere in the arena.

Any person who wants to consume these nuts, for therapeutic functions should gain more knowledge about bitter kola wellness advantages and facet effects.

Bitter cola, work for depressions, fatigue issues, atonic diarrhea, migraine, and in some other instances. Therefore, below are the way bitter kola can be good against poison.


Recipe against poison

When scorpion bites you, it’s meant that you have been infected by his poison. So you need to get rid of that incident that happens immediately. Because that action of bitten means that the scorpion had injected his poison in your vein. Which is very dangerous and can provoke death if care is not taken on time.

In this case, you need to eat like 2 or 3 bitter colas to neutralize the power of the scorpion poison in your body.


In a situation like this, make an incision around the bitten area with a razor blade. Then grind the bitter cola and apply it in the incision area. Then eat an additional 2 or 3 bitter kolas. This will neutralize the venom after some minutes.

Be warned, this method is not for you to use without consulting your doctor, but it’s used to subside the power. After the use of the bitter cola, try to see your doctor that same day.