Can a Diabetic eat Dates

Can a diabetic eat dates

Can a diabetic eat dates? this question had been most of the concerned statement to everyone. The palm tree has sweet, fleshy fruits. These are usually sold as dried fruit and enjoyed on their own or in smoothies, desserts, and other dishes.
Can a Diabetic Eat Dates?
Because of their natural sweetness, their effect on blood sugar is of concern to people with diabetes. Some questions like “can a diabetic eat dates?” the answer is yes.

Reasons to eat dates

Dates pack a lot of sweetness in very small bites. They are a natural source of fructose, the sugars found in fruits. Maintaining flood levels in people with diabetes can be challenging, and their condition is usually advised to be conscious of their carb intake. Their high carb intake content and dates raise concerns. Whenever you eat in moderation, dates can be part of a healthy diet when you have diabetes.
What Impact dates have on blood sugar

It is measured from 0 to 100, giving pure glucose (sugar) as 100 – your highest blood sugar after eating a meal. Low GI carbs have a GI of 55 or lower, while a high GI rank of 70 or higher. Medium GI carbs sit in the middle with a GI of 56-69 (5 trusted source). In other words, a low GI diet causes less significant fluctuations in blood sugar and insulin levels.

On the other hand, a diet with a high GI can quickly raise blood sugar. This often leads to a risk of high blood sugar, especially in people with diabetes who find it very difficult to control these variations in their body. So, diabetic patients should usually try to stick to foods with low GEO. It also helps maintain their blood sugar levels. In people with type 2 diabetes, blood sugar accumulates and rises to dangerous levels.

Fortunately, despite their sweetness, dates have a lower GI. This means that when eaten in moderation, they are safe for people with diabetes. One study examined the GI of 1.8 ounces (50 grams) of dates from 5 common types. They are generally found to have lower GIs between 44 and 53, which may vary slightly depending on the date type (6 trusted source). Diabetic patients can eat dates moderately

There was no significant difference in the GI of dates when measured between those with and without diabetes.
Another supportive measure of the effect of food on blood sugar is glycemic load (GL). Unlike GI, GL is the amount of food and specialty serving carbs (7 trust source).

To calculate GL, multiply the GI of the diet by the amount of carbs you eat and divide that number by 100.

I.e. approximately 36 g of carbs and 49 g on 2 dry dates (48 g) which calculates the GL of 18 (1 trusted source, 6 trusted source, 7 trusted source).

Carbohydrates with low GL are between 1 and 10; Medium GL carbohydrates are between 11 and 19; High GL carbs measure 20 or more. That is a snack with 2 dates packs Medium GL. If you have diabetes, aim not to eat 1 or 2 dates at a time. Eating them with a source of protein like some nuts also allows its carbs to be digested a little more slowly, which helps prevent blood sugar spikes.