Moringa leaf cure malaria ,boost the immune system, Moringa leaf cure hepatitis B


Moringa leaf is a plant that is cultivated everywhere. Oleifera is a plant that has leaves, graceful, deciduous tree with sparse foliage. This plant grows in forme of the tree about 8m high and 60 dbh.

When this plant grows to a certain level, it produces the fruit which is the seed. We are not talking about the seed yet, but the leaves. So, this leaf has a lot of health benefits. its have been implemented into many diet est recently in the past years.

The moringa leaves have so much impact as benefits to cure various diseases. The moringa leaves can cure more than 300 diseases. Therefore moringa leaves have been praised for its health benefits for thousands of years. Below are some benefits.

Moringa leaves can be used to cure body infections, it cures Hepatitis B, malaria and also boosts the Immune system.

Body Infections

Moringa leaves are a rich source of nutrients like vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin C, vitamin B, and vitamin E. Moringa leaves have rich vitamins more than others such as orange carrot, etc…

Apply the leaves powder with the method by adding the powder with the natural honey, then pass it to your body each time after bathing, your skin will be a soft and healthy look.

Boost the Immune system

The moringa leaves help to boost energy. The moringa leaves increase energy in a natural way without any sugar.

Moringa leaves for Hepatitis B

Hepatitis B is a liver disease caused by the Hepatitis virus. Which can be easily transmitted to one and the other through sexual contact, blood contact, or even saliva. About 6 years ago I was seeking seriously, and having pain all around the abdominal and always having a headache.

Moringa Leaf

I did a lot of tests and check-up, but nothing was detected. One faithful Day, another’s doctor ask me to go for the Hepatitis B test. Also, i did and the result was positive. Using other drugs like a tablet then wasn’t in my mind. Since I knew this method of treatment. Because one of my relatives had shared that experience with me in the past.

So I took the method of moringa leaves. This is unbelieve but True. I use moringa leaves powder in my daily diet. Each morning I do take pipe mixture with the powder and afternoon, a night I spread the same powder into my meal before eating.

Less than 2 months, all my pain was gone. I went back for my test and guess what? The test was negative.

Dear readers, if you are suffering from diseases such as Hepatitis B, I will recommend that you should start using the moringa leaves effectively. Because with moringa leaves you will be healed therapeutically and naturally.

Moringa leaves Cure Malaria

Moringa leaves also treat malaria. So, Squeezed the leaves inside a bucket with 1liter of water. Then filter it and add 4 slices of local limbs to it and use it daily. Then repeat the same thing for 3days. You will be free from malaria.