Benefits of Lemongrass: 4 Health Benefits You Must Know

Benenits of Lemongrass

Cymbopogon comonly know as lemongrass has a benefits. Lemongrass is a benefits. A plant originated from Asia, Australia, Africa,and tropical Island plant in the grass family. In Africa we cultivate for 2 Reasons. Either for medecinal herbs because of their scent or for lemongrass tea. The tisane is made fresh or dried . It’s tall, durable grass. The aroma of lemongrass make it exceptional in the class of grass family.Therefore the leaves are used as lemon flavoring in herbal tea. Below are listed some of the benefits of this plant.

PREVENTING TYFOID : Lemongrass, one of powerfull plant. In this case, slice some piece of lim into pot, add the leaves of lemongrass on it. Boil them together on fire about 20 to 35 minutes. Take 3 (Glass cup) daily for 3days. You will admire the change as benefits in your oganism.

TREAT FATIGUE : This is the natural method. Cut enought quantity of the grass in a cooking pot, add some water and boil it for atlest 20 minutes. Then drinking it as your daily water. After 24hours, you will be free from body pain and tiredness.

FOR BODY LOTION : If you try this natural remedy, you will never waste your money on cosmetics again. Apart from using the dry leaves for drinking tea.

Take the powder of the dry leaves, mix it with a “natural honey”. Then rub on your body as a cream before sleep in the night. Your skin will look soft and fresh after 3days.

For bathing, mix the dry leaves powder inside a bowl with traditional soap selling by our market women. Then use it daily for your bathing saop.You will look glamorous.

FERTILITY : As health benefits, lemongrass can help men as well as women in terms of fertility. When you drink lemongrass tea, it assist to flush the toxines in the body by helping to increase urination. For women, it is good to detox before the pregnancy.Because flushing the system will be ideal to carry a new baby. So chewing the leaves and swallow the water, is allow for those who don’t have the habit of drinking tea.