Health Benefits of Cola nut

The Health Benefits Of Cola Nut: Effects and Dosage

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The health benefits of cola nut is an important thing to our society. 

Cola nut is a fruit and was originated from the tropical rainforest of Africa. Then he belongs to the cola nitida and cola family.
So, Cala nuts have a tree from 5 to 10 meters. Cola Nut as benefits has an important role to play when it comes to traditional ceremonies things in Africa.

In the eastern part of Nigeria where Igbo culture generally, can not do without breaking the Cola Nut. The health benefits of cola nuts are huge in different aspects of human life.

But in neighbouring countries like the Republic of Benin. It is purely used to do rituals, consultations, before and after each event.


Cola nut is very good to prevent from sleeping. Back in those days, when we are still schooling. We were advised of our parents to take some cola nuts in others to stay awake and read our books. Do you know why? It’s because the cola nut contains caffeine.

The roots can be used for health care. Small roots sold on the market are used to clean teeth. Cola Nut as health benefits is anti-fatigue

INCREASE ENERGY LEVEL: Naturally cola nut stimulates the central nervous system
which may boost the energy level.

ASTHMA: Cola nuts will be useful to solve certain breathing problems for people who are suffering from asthma because of the caffeine involve in it. So It acts as a bronchodilator and opens the airways to make it easy de breathing.

Taking excess of cola nut has a high risk of making you blind. So use small pieces of nuts a day.


Cola nut might not be a helpful solution for some common conditions. However, if any medication intended to treat, containing cola nut, such a person should consult his or her doctor before using them.

It’s always wise to get advice from your doctor before the use of any supplement or drop.