Benefits of Green Coconut water

The Health Benefits Of Green Coconut Water And Effects


As health benefits of green coconuts water, coconut is a fruit that nature gives us free of charge. The green coconuts have a tree which is between 3 to 10 meters longer when it’s older. But naturally, the Green coconuts are with a green outer husk and gelatinous inner. We have the Green and brown coconuts. The Green is also called young coconuts.

The young coconuts water has his special prize in the Market. Therefore I decided to talk about the benefits of green coconuts today because of the water. He performs like holy water. Therefore the water is the clear liquid inside on the pre-mature development stages. Below are the nutritional elements inside as benefits of green coconuts declare by some researchers.

Nutritional value

Energy 79kg. Carbohydrates 3.71g, Sugar2. 61g, Dietary fiber 1.1g, Fat 0.20g, Saturated 0.176g, Protein 0.72g, Threomine 0.026g, isoleusine 0.028g, Leusine 0.053g, lysine 0.032g, M├ęthionine 0.013g, cystine0.014g, phenylalamine 0.037g, valine 0.044g, arginine 0. 118g,Histidine 0.017g. Alamine 0.037g, Aspartc acid 0.070g,Glutamine acid 0.165g, Glycine 0.034g, Proline 0.030g de serine 0. 037g


Thiamine (B1) 3% 0.030mg, Riboflavin(B2) 5%0.057mg, Niacin (B3) 1% 0.080mg, Pantothenic acid(B6) 1% 0.043pg, Vitamin 6 2% 0.032mg, Folate(B9) 1% 3mg, Choline 0.% 1.1 mg Vitamin C 3% 2.4mg.

Minerals Quantity %DV

Calcium 2% 24mg, Copper 2% 0.04mg, Iron2% 0.29mg, Magnesium 7% 25mg, Manganese 7% 0.142mg, Phosphorus 3% 20mg, Potassium 5% 250mg, Selenium1% 1pg, Sodium 7% 105 mg, Zinc 1% 0.10mg

Others Constituent Quantity

Water 95mg

Now you all can agree with me that the water of the Green coconuts is holy water. It’s a great health benefit to us.


The health benefits of green coconuts can be used to make coconuts Milk. So drinking the milk frequently can be so helpful for the body. Also from coconuts is made of body cream, so using a cream that is made of it, will make your skin outstanding.


So, to cure malaria naturally, Green coconuts water is the best option. So take the water inside a big glass cup, like 4 slices of local lims inside and drink it. Repeat the same thing each morning for three days, and go back for your test. Your body will be free from malaria.


For this case, you need enough young coconuts water. Then take the moringa leaves and squeeze with the water to make mixing of fresh juice then filter it into a container. And use it for your daily water for 48 hours. Please try it next time. It is 100% sure. You will have Reasons to think of me later.


One health risk arising from over-consumption of coconut water is an overabundance of Potassium in the system (blood), loss of consciousness,heart arrhythmia, including acute kidney failure.