Health facts of Ewedu leafs

Health Facts of Ewedu Leaf: Amazing Health benefits

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Health Facts of Ewedu Leafs

The health facts of Ewedu leaf, after researching has made us to know its importance and health benefit.

Ewedu leaf is the name people of Yoruba descent in Nigeria call it and Achingbara in Igbo, Rama in Hausa and Jute leaves in the English Language.

All points to the identical leaf botanically known as Corchorus Olitorius have its health facts. Additionally, the consumption of Ewedu is popular mostly among the Yoruba. Equally, Yoruba believe it gives more nutrient when been consume.

Health facts of Ewedu: It is a green leaf edible vegetable that’s ready into the delicious slimy soup called Ewedu soup.

Besides, Jute contains minerals, vitamins and antioxidants; as Iron, calcium, sodium, phosphorus, potassium, proteins, fiber, nutrition A, C and E, riboflavin, niacin and folate.

These vitamins and minerals in ewedu help the physique to battle illnesses and keep excellent wellness. So, the benefits of ewedu to a pregnant woman have a great significant impact on the development of her unborn baby.

You are 37 weeks pregnant, mean that your is ready to go. So, at this stage, you need to balance your diet by taking more nutrients like calcium which also important for a woman who is breastfeeding a baby. In addition drinking, raw ewedu at 37 weeks pregnant will be a great support for the pregnant woman.

Can ewedu be taking raw? people do ask this question. But the answer is yes, ewedu can be taking raw. Of course research has shown that raw ewedu contain healthy nutrients that are keys factor to boost the immune system.

How to use ewedu for weight loss

Is ewedu good for weight loss? the answer is yes. For those who are looking for weight loss solutions, including ewedu in your diet. Ewedu can also implement in herbal medicine to lose weight. 

How to use ewudu as herbal medicine

Ewedu can be implemented in herbal medicine to treat malaria and for weight loss. So, to get the solution done, wash the ewedu very well, put inside cooking pot, cut 3 local lims to pieces on the ewedu leave then add some water. Leave it on fire for about 10 to 15 minutes. Then extract le liquid and drink 3 glass cups daily. You will be satisfied.

also when we talk of ewedu leave and ovulation, the health benefits in ewedu give great support in terms of the ovulation period. Because of the vitamins, calcium, potassium and dietary fibre in it. As matter of fact, ewedu leave and fertility does exactly the same for woman.

Also, research has shown that the Ewedu leaf has exclusive health facts varieties that possess nutrients and antioxidants which are of immeasurable nutritional and therapeutic worth to our body. Again these vitamins are significant in defending the physique from degenerative diseases similar to cancer.

As health facts

It has nutrition A, C and E, and these nutritions are essential as health facts. Within the safeguard of the physique from diseases.

• Recognized to have derms beautifying dealers. As they have an inclination to expand the construction of collagen. Like a result keeping the epidermis corporation and beautiful.

•First, Ewedu have excellent supply of fibre. Which makes it useful in coping with weight administration for our health. And may promote intestinal well being by using helping with bowel action.

• Ewedu leafs health facts, as matter of fact identified to aid, raise immunity and nourish the physique process.

How to prepare ewedu juice 

Ewedu soup is one of the important soup recipes that can not be neglected in Yoruba land. In addition, most time on the occasion of a naming ceremony, birthday, or burial ceremony, ewedu soup is a mound the top2 dishes serve. So, here below I will show step by step its be prepare.


1-Take your ewedu, rinsing it with clean water.

2-Put vinegar in clean water and rinse it once again before other, process.

3-Put it into your blender with other ingredients, add water to it, then blend them together until it’s got to your desire.

4-Filter the blended solution or maintain as you desire, the choice is yours.

5-Pour the juice into a glass cup and drink it immediately for premium health benefits. This natural juice can be taken at any time of day.


• They’re traditionally used as a comfort for belly related conditions to dysentery and constipation.

• They broaden the creation of collagen to be able to maintain the dermis firm, and gentle.

•Moreover, It is wealthy in beta-carotene for good sight. It has high calcium content for healthful bones, and teeth. It contain anti-aging homes. That keep this dermis watching smooth and radiant. It reduce blood stress, lDl cholesterol. And is excellent for heart wellness and diabetes.

• Health facts of ewedu may well increase sexual Libido, and aid fertility.

 Blood purifier, and laxative.

• Eyesight: It improves eyesight

• Ewedu leaves aids convenient supply, in pregnant females. • It cures infections like gonorrhea

Typhoid : Treating typhoid with Ewedu leaf is simple. Take some quantity of Ewedu leaves into a traditional pot. then take like 5 limes and slice them to 2 each. Add it to the leaves inside the pot and boil them on fire for 20  minutes. And take one full glass cup morning and night for 3 days. Comparatively , you will be surprised by how this works.

Side effects of ewedu

Sure, many people have heard that you should not drink grapefruit juice with cholesterol drugs. However, it is not the only combination to avoid diet and drugs.
Experts warn that Eba and ewedu Soup are another soup that Amala enjoys most of the time, as it interacts with antibiotics such as ciprofloxacin.

In one study, Palestinian researchers warned that ephedra was better than taking food with soup without reducing their effectiveness. When in the form of antibiotics such as ciprofloxacin.
Researchers analyzed the effectiveness of the soup, also known as corkorus alitorius or hemp in rabbits. And found that the soup delayed 30 minutes by preventing the mixture from entering the bloodstream.

In a 2016 study in the Palestinian Medical and Pharmaceutical Journal, researchers found that delays in blood lead to antibiotic failure and bacterial resistance.

In addition, they found that the viscosity of food also affects the performance of antibiotics in the body.
For the study, researchers gave rabbits a dose of ciprofloxacin tablet (125 mg) while fasting or with ewedu soup. And measured drug concentration in their blood using high-performance liquid chromatography.

The results showed a severe effect of any soup on the bioavailability of ciprofloxacin compared to the fasting state. Soup intake reduces the availability rate and range of ciprofloxacin in the blood.

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