Health Benefits Of Garlic

Health Benefits Of Garlic: Use Raw Galic for Healthy Life

What is garlic?

Health benefits of Garlic

As health benefits of garlic, garlic is a plant coming from a family of onion. Garlic is a popular cooking ingredient known in the whole world over 5000 years ago, because of his smell and delicious taste. Moreover can easily grow in any parts of the world. So garlic is used for any purpose related to the health system.

Benefits Of garlic


Health benefits of Garlic, it treat cancer,chest pain,vaginal infection ,garlic treat Hepatitis B,Tooth pain stomach ulcer etc..



Garlic is used for fatigue and body pain as health benefits as well garlic is injected into the organism for chest pain. A study has shown that garlic is good for the treatment of vagina infection. Garlic is used in foods and beverages, because of his wonderful flavor as for its health benefits.

Garlic is used for Hepatitis diseases, menstrual disorders, liver disease, Stomach ulcers,also tooth pain, and low blood sugar.

The herb can be used to prevent colon cancer, prostate cancer, stomach cancer, breast cancer, also rectal cancer. Garlic can also be used for eye care.

It can be used to prevent hair loss, relieves earaches, weight loss, and asthma

How to use garlic for consumption

  • The herb can be used as raw
  • It can be crushed, slices
  • Garlic can be transformed into juice, use in a salad, vegetable soup, and stews.

How to use garlic for treatment

Chest pain

If you are having pain from your body, especially from your chest, I will advise you should chew raw garlic.

Vaginal infection

Infection is one of the diseases that women are suffering from. So if you have toilet disease, garlic is a good remedy, for you to treat it with. Therefore take a little water and some pieces of garlic on fire, and Leave it for some time to boil like 10 minutes.

Pour the Juice of garlic from the fire into a potter and sit on it. Then cover your entire body with a bigger tower, 5 up to 10 minutes for the vapor to do the needed. Then repeat it the second day and you will be free from vaginal infection.


1/3 of the World’s population are infected with the Hepatitis B virus. Therefore, garlic can be a solution. So tried lemon water with grated fresh garlic for 3 times a week during 2 months and you will not be disappointed.

Tooth Pain

Tooth disease is a severe pain all of us know. So pound a piece of garlic in a bowl and place it where the pain or the whole is located. Thereafter the pain will stop.

Stomach ulcer

If you are suffering from an ulcer, you will feel a burning sensation always. Then the symptom often Last for a few minutes or some hours. Start in the middle of the night or during meals. Also, occur off and on for long days.

A lot of people think that spicy foods and stress cause ulcer. That is not true, but there make them worse by increasing stomach acid production. Therefore,apply garlic in your daily meals will help to reduce the risk.


Garlic can reduce the risk of any cancer ♋. Because it has numerous sulfide compounds as health benefits. Therefore, if it’s high or low cancer, proper high-quality studies require to confirm and to assess the quantity of garlic needed to be consumed in respect of each case for a positive effect.