Advantages of eating raw onions

Advantages of eating raw onions for skin, Hair and Health Risks

What is the onion?

The advantages of eating raw onions is of very important for us to know. As I said earlier in my first articles, onions benefits is very vital to the human body. The advantages of eating raw onions have a lot of benefits. Onions are satisfactorily known for 2 things: unhealthy breath and tears.  Raw onions benefits have been known as the popular vegetable determined in most forms of cuisine gives dishes their flavorful style. As benefit to the human body, the best time to eat onion is in the morning.

Advantages of eating raw onions

The popular vegetable determined in most forms of cuisine gives dishes and so their flavorful style. And so working any meal to an aromatic experience. Therefore, raw onions are not the most effective to provide a great style for our plates.

Can you eat raw onions?

This question does ask often time, the answer is yes, but is would be friendly in eating raw onions because of the chemicals properties in it.

How to eat raw onions?

Despite the raw onion can be hard to eat for some people. And on the other way round, anything that stinks to be so hard, has to be a deterrent to some viruses and bugs.

Onions can be sliced into pieces, then add some vinegar on it. Raw onions is also used to make a recipe like French salad. The main advantage of eating raw onions is that it contains antioxidants and compounds. That fight inflammation, lower triglycerides and lower cholesterol levels. All of which reduce the risk of heart disease. Their powerful anti-inflammatory properties help to reduce high blood pressure and prevent blood clots.

Benefits of eating onions for men

The health benefits of eating onions for men is that onions are nutrient-dense because of the low calories. onions are high in vitamins and minerals. Onion benefits for men can be useful as follow.


1-Fight against cancer

2-Regulate blood sugar

3-Improve bone structure

4-Healthy digestion

5-Contain antioxidant properties

6-Fight against heart diseases

7-Have antibacterials properties

Onion benefits for skin

Vegetables have antibacterial, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties that help reduce inflammation and prevent breakouts. The vitamin content in onions,

, helps nourish our skin, making it healthier and brighter. Not only your skin, but onions also take care of your lips. Onion for skin whitening is one natural method to use when it comes to skincare.

Onion benefits for hair

When mixed with hair and scalp, onion juice provides extra sulphur to help strengthen and thicken hair. Thereby preventing hair fall and promoting hair growth. Sulphur from onions also helps to increase collagen production. Collagen promotes healthy skin cells and hair growth.

Health benefits for onion and honey

Onions contain sulphur compounds that offer several health edges, as well as lowering blood glucose. Fever, cold and cough are cured by intense onion juice with honey. Regular consumption of onions will facilitate cure skin problems and different skin diseases.

Health risk

Although not particularly severe, eating onions can be a nuisance for some people. According to the National Digestive Diseases Clearing Data, onions cause carbohydrate gas and bloating.