health benefits of garden egg leaf

health benefits of garden egg leaf: Fertility Story for a Lady

What is the garden egg leaf?

As health benefits of garden egg leaf, garden egg leaf is a type of vegetable like another vegetable. The gourd egg (Solanum melongena) is a non-fruity fruit that is often used in cooking. Igba is located in Yoruba (Ikan on earth) in southwestern Nigeria.

In the eastern and southwestern part of Nigeria the garden egg leaf, locally known as akwukwo Anara and efo Igbo, is used to make vegetable stews and yam dishes.

Garden eggs are not only nutritious but also have great health benefits.

health benefits of garden egg leaf

What are the health benefits of garden egg leaf

it is also recognize as eggplant, it’s well-known seasonal and low-calorie vegetable in Nigeria. Igbos is used to make a variety of raw lettuce, especially in the eastern part. It is often combined with other protein buffers (Ugba) in salads as a protein. The older generation is very fond of it because of its bitter taste. I personally ate vegetables on different occasions, but it received more receptive than just vegetables. It was strong and quick-acting. It should be taken in moderation despite the health benefits. Garden egg leaf as health benefits can be:

  • Garden egg can serve as a blood tonic
  • Very good for pregnancy
  • Immune system booster
  • The agent responsible for weight loss
  • Can improve and clean your kidney
  • Great support of Folic Acid for Foetus
  • Rich in Vitamin  B,  calcium and potassium, vitamin C, other important nutrients like folic acid etc…

Where to buy garden egg leaves

As I said earlier in the article, garden egg leaf is a vegetable like others. Because of his health benefits. Garden egg can be found anywhere. It is widely sold around africa and can easily be found in both traditional markets and supermarkets such as Shoprite, and others. Garden egg is a good source of proteins and vitamins.

How to use garden egg leaf for fertility

It is believed that taking garden egg leaves can help cure infertility and libido problems in both men and women. However, this information has not yet been scientifically proven. However, many African cultures have been using garden egg leaves for generations to combat these problems, claiming that such treatment has been successful.

How to make garden egg leaf juice

Garden egg leaf is a vegetable that can be used to make juice drink recipes because of the health benefits in it.

To successfully make the garden egg leaf juice, there is some step you must do as follow:

  • Rinse the garden egg leaf with water
  • Cuts it to pieces
  • Squeeze and extract the juice
  • Boil the extracted juice for some minutes to avoid any risk of infections and typhoid.
  • Then after the juice is ready for use.

Garden egg leaf and milk

Garden egg leaves help to replenish blood. The oyster vegetable comes out. You can boil it and drink it with milk.

here are some instructions to follow below:

Cut your leaves into small pieces.

Rinse well with clean water.

Pour the leaves inside the pot and add enough water.

Boil for 20 minutes.

Garden egg leaf and fibroid

Needless to say, all of us should try to stick to a healthy diet. Proper diet can lead to many health problems including obesity, which has become an epidemic across the country. According to the final count, more than one in three people living in the United States have arrears.

Esophagitis is associated with a number of health conditions, including the development of cervical fibroids. Recent studies suggest that women with obese balance are more likely to develop cervical fibroids than women who maintain a healthy weight. And eating too much red meat like beef and ham is associated with cervical fibroids.

If you are at high risk for fibroids, eating a healthy diet may not prevent them from fully developing, but it can slow their development or help reduce symptoms. Let’s see what is the Fibroid Friendly Diet for Women.

Side Effects of garden egg leaves

For those with allergies, there are no significant side effects from taking garden egg leaves.


When that raw is used for eating or culinary purposes, in medicine and therapeutic areas, the nutrients in garden egg leaves are obtained. It is a nutritious vegetable commonly known as a blood tonic and its effects on the treatment of kidney disease, but the nutritional benefits are not limited to it because it has many of the benefits described above.