Health Benefits of Bitter Leaf Soup

Health Benefits of Bitter Leaf Soup: Nutrition Foods

The health benefits of bitter leaf soup is a blessing to us.

Bitter leaf soup is a strong West African soup that is found mainly  in countries such as Cameroon, Nigeria, Benin Republic and Ghana. This dish is not soup or sauce, but slightly sour vegetables in the middle. Which are served with carbs like fufu. This soup comes from a vegetable. Bitter-leaf, also known as Vernonia. It is widely consumed in West Africa and is added to soups.

Bitter leaf soup is peculiar to the Igbo tribe as health benefits in eastern Nigeria. Many people are ashamed of Igbos bitter leaf soup. Because they think it’s true, it’s very bitter soup. But they could not be more wrong. Wash the leaves thoroughly to get rid of the bitterness before adding to the soup. Bitter leaf benefits for health is the most important vegetable that women who are looking for the fruit of womb must implement in there diets.

Does bitter leaf help sexually

To determine the reproductive effect of a bitter leaf on immune-compromised vistar mice. Low-dose BL (250 mg/kg) restores sperm parameters modified by the prednisolone system because they help form antibodies with B cells. In addition, similar studies have shown that sex hormone profiling.

Bitter leaf tea

Bitter-leaf tea, Vernonia amygdalina, African herbal tea, which has very strong health benefits. Traditionally used to control blood sugar levels, raise cholesterol and energy levels. It is 100% West African bitter leaf.

How to prepare bitter leaf soup

Cooking bitter leaf soup have some process to follow. Therefore, the first step is the ingredients.

Health Benefits of Bitter Leaf Soup


Mixed meats (beef, goat meat, ponmo, shaki are ideal)

2 cooking spoons palm oil

1 cup bitter leaves (fresh or dried)

3-4 Medium Kokum (Vol.)

2 Smoked fish (optional)

2-3 stockfish (optional)

3 tbsp ground crayfish

1 tablespoon ogiri okp

Combine 3 tablespoons ground dry chilli or 2 scotch bonnet

2 Boolean cubes

Salt to taste


Start by boiling your meat, first with the beef legs and stir-fried meat. When they are slightly tender, add beef or other tender meats. If all the meats are tender, add the stockfish and cook until tender. When the meat is boiling, boil the coconut on the skin. Do not add salt, bring to a boil and simmer for 20 minutes over medium heat.

When they are soft, peel gently and pound in the mortar until smooth. Alternatively, cut them into small pieces and puree them in your electric blender or food processor and set aside until smooth, then … Wash the bitter leaves with lukewarm water to get rid of the bitterness as much as you can. There should be no bitter marks on the leaves after washing when possible.

If you are using dried bitter leaf, you should soak it in warm water to heat it and also get rid of the dirt … When the meat and fish are all tender, add the crayfish, smoked shrimp and ground or mix with black pepper. Stir and mix. Add the palm oil and leave to mix well for 3-4 minutes. The consistency should be semi-fluid. Then add the oysters, stir and mix. Taste for seasoning and adjust if necessary. Then add the washed bitter leaves and keep cooking for 2-3 minutes. Do not overdo your vegetables. Serve with your favorite swallow. So, would you like to try this bitter leaf soup recipe? You have to wait to find out how to proceed. See you soon

Bitter leaf benefits and side effects

 As I said earlier in my previous article, apart from the health benefits. Bitter leaf soup can cause side effects such as high blood pressure and severe heart problems when care is not taking. Excess of bitter leaves soup can also cause diarrhea.