How To Make Scent Leaf Tea

How To Make Scent Leaf Tea: Health benefits and Side Effects

If you make scent leaf tea every day, I encourage you to keep it up. Scent leaf, Nigerians love to call it, a species of a tropical plant that belongs to the Lamiaceae family. A lot of us are not informed of the enormous benefits of the scent leaf. Whose botanical name is Ocimum gratismum. Also known as Hawaiian basil, clove basil, and African basil. Many people prepare food with this leaf without knowing its health benefits. Well, if you cook with this leaf, I will reveal the truth about it.

Scent leaf in Africa Most people have little or no knowledge about the amazing health benefits of the amazing leaf. Did you know that you can use the Scent leaf to cure many diseases and infertility problems? I assure you that the use of aromatic leaves in your diet will bring great health benefits to your body. So I will explain below how scent leaf Tea can be beneficial to you.

Health benefits of Scent  leaf  tea

How To Make Scent Leaf Tea

1) Leaf leaves help digestion, which helps with stool clearance and weight management.

2) It is useful to treat oral infections, it kills all the bacteria in the mouth and also causes tooth decay and bad breath.

3) It is used in the treatment of fever, colds and flu.  skin diseases and ringworm is used in the treatment.

For scent leaf and fertility it is advisable to implement scent leaf tea in your diet. Because scent leaf on its own pack a lot of health benefits especially the faster maturation of eggs role that it plays like a performance. The use of scent leaf tea in our daily foods as women also helps the delayed stimulation of menopause. The benefits of scent leaf in pregnancy can be used either by tea or by implementing it in your vegetable food to be a benefit of its goodness.

The spiritual benefit of scent leaf

The other advantage is the spiritual benefit of scent leaf; Some are subject to charm and mantra. It could be their partner or spouse who is using it to control them. Others are subject to the mantra of evil. They steal, lie or do other kinds of bad things but they do not do it with their clear mind or intentionally. When you see this in your life or in a child or sibling, please prepare and use a scented water bath to break this spell or charm. Do not wait until something catastrophic happens to you. Learn to use this water bath periodically.

Some are not subject to spells or charms. They are subject to curses. An old or sick person may have cursed them in a bad condition. If you know you can not reach that person and apologize, because that person is already dead, please start your scented water bath without further delay. Curses are effective and can harm you as long as you carry them on your head.

How To Make Scent Leaf  Tea

To get new natural scent leaf tea, it is advisable to make tea on the stove, boil water and add tea leaf, spices or other ingredients. Wash the lemon leaves well. The best tea to make on the stove is herbal tea. Tea made with fresh ingredients and spices such as scent leaf, ginger and lemon tea or black tea. All work with almost any type of loose tea. Boil water and scent leaves in a kettle, then heat. If you prefer to drink your tea sweet or with milk. This is the time to mix milk and sugar or honey.

Side Effects 

 For side effects of scent leaf, taken scent leaf tea in moderation, have no adverse side effects. Scent leaves extract causes the following side effects: It causes very low blood pressure in people with high blood pressure Scent leaf oil and extract slow blood clotting and increases bleeding in most cases, pregnant women. And it can cause excessive bleeding or have a bleeding defect in patients undergoing surgery.


Aqueous infusion of scent leaf in 100 mL / L drinking water improves feed efficiency, which reduces body weight, live weight, carcass weight and abdominal fat. Therefore, scent leaves are a natural growth stimulant. However, more studies are needed on the effect of its administration on various physiological parameters to ensure its safety as a feed additive for broiler chicks.