health benefits of plantain leaves

health benefits of plantain leaves: Usesd Of Herbals Medecine

The health benefits of plantain leaves is essential to our body. The benefits of plantain can be traced back to the 1500s and can cure health conditions such as colds, fever or flu.  It has antibacterial, anti-irritation and antiseptic properties.  It  is rich in tannins acid, Aucubin (an iris) and mucus, also have sputum and anti-irritating.  The leaves can use in teas recipes or tinctures and have been known to help indigestion, ulcers and heartburn when taken internally.

Externally,  great plantain has been used for snake bites and insects and as solutions for rashes and cuts. At the same time, it is also rich in vitamins and minerals that are beneficial to the body, especially hair and skin. For decades, Chinese medicine has always considered it to be an effective treatment for coughs, wounds, skin inflammation and dermatitis.  Bruised or crushed plantain leaves can be used topically to treat insect bites and stumps, eczema, and small cuts or cuts. 

The leaves and seeds are used to extract the beneficial compounds of the plant.  The plantain is a plant with broad leaves.  It is traditionally used in parts of Europe and Asia. It is now growing in weeds worldwide.  The leaves and seeds are used as medicine.

Health benefits of plantain leaves and his traditional use


health benefits of plantain leaves

Not to be confused with the well-known banana plant, which is used in Caribbean cooking, Plantago is mainly considered one of the best healing herbs on earth.  Plantago grassland is produced in parts of Europe and Asia. It is hailed as one of the nine sacred herbs by the Anglo-Saxons and as the “mother of all herbs.”  This hardy, prolific perennial is used topically for abrasions, bruises, cuts, burns and skin conditions, and internally for digestive discomfort, coughs, colds and stomach problems. Therefore, below are the health benefits of plantain leaves.


Benefits to Hair:

Tastes good and looks great on our hair.

Cut out Scalp Infections:

Products with antiseptic and antimicrobial properties can help reduce dandruff, dry skin, psoriasis and other scalp infections. These symptoms reduce the inflammation in the scalp which can lead to infections on the scalp. Therefore, by producing oil to replenish the new growth with moisture and protein requirement, it allows the scalp to function smoothly. Therefore, it promotes child development.


The leaf can be used as a hair cleanser to enhance the product, remove debris or excess oil. To keep the hair shaft with the proteins needed for moisture and length retention. You can boil or crush the leaves and add cold water. Adding extra ingredients like apple cider vinegar and essential oils increases energy. In addition, leaf apple cider vinegar reduces the pungent odour.

This plant offers great medicinal benefits. However, be sure to conduct research, follow the instructions and consult a doctor to ensure safety.

Have you ever tried plantain use medicine? What is your experience?  Share with me in the comment below.


Skin Benefits:

Incorporating banana leaf in your daily or weekly skin care routine will enhance your skin tone.

Natural Sunburn Relief:

If you receive sunburn from the beach or pool, Plantain leaves can be used to reduce the effect. The juice is extracted from the leaves, crushed and cooled. Then, apply to the affected area using your hands or brush. The anti-inflammatory nature turns out to be effective in soothing the burn.

Treats Insect Bites

Insect bites cause itching in our skin. And, the leaves of the plant have anti-inflammatory properties to cure it. Thus, reducing itching or rashes from ants, flies, bees or wasps. Therefore, the skin heats up quickly and properly.

Help in quick healing of wounds:

Plantain leaf contains allantoin. Which has antibacterial properties. Therefore, after applying the leaves to the wounds, it kills germs and bacteria. Thus, healing accelerates the production of new skin cells.

Reduces the effects of stains:

Remember when you were younger and you fell off your bike, got cuts, bruises or boo-boo? And, is the scar still there decades later? The leaves of the plant help to reduce the chance of burning. The antimicrobial properties of plantain leave aids in the skin regeneration process. Which allows the skin to heal properly from injury.

Cures pimples

Coated leaf has a cooling effect. Therefore, use products that contain plants planted in a timely manner to reduce inflammation. Therefore, it reduces the chances of getting acne. In addition, it promotes faster healing and regeneration of healthy skin cells.


Benefits to the body:

There are many health benefits to eating or digesting banana leaves.

indigestion, gastric burning and ulcer:

When the leaves are used to make tea or TIN agents, it is said to help indigestion, gastric burning and ulcers.

Natural urination

When taken, the planted leaves are believed to make them urinate more often. It allows the body to remove toxins from the kidneys and bladder.

Reduces Besson Periods

By acting as an antispasmodic it can relieve painful period spasms and reduce heavy bleeding.

Health benefits of plantain root juice

The importance of making his recipe is that  plantain juice is good for kidney stones, helps lose weight, controls acidity, helps constipation, and fights diabetes.

Plantain peel benefits

At present, the peel of various fruits is concentrated as a natural source of antioxidants and dietary fiber.  For these reasons, banana peel has attracted people’s attention, because recent reports indicate that banana peel is a good source of dietary fiber and antioxidants.

health benefits of dried plantain leaves

For topical use, try drying the leaves and adding them to any oil you like, such as coconut, sunflower, olive or almond oil. Dried weeds can also be added to natural skin care products, including lip balm, ion lotion and ointments. So,

If you cut weeds out of your yard, try to avoid plants growing near the road that have been treated with pesticides or are in areas covered with pets.

Plantain medicinal uses

Plantain has long been considered by herbalists as a useful treatment for coughs, wounds, skin inflammation or dermatitis, and insect bites. Also, Topically use bruises or crushed leaves to treat insect bites, stinging, eczema, and small wounds or cuts.

Plantain leaf tea

Plantain leaf tea acts as an astringent, wringing out “wet” diseases such as diarrhea.  In addition, criticize astringents to help maintain mucus membranes.

Nutritional value of plantain leaves

Although considered a weed, common plantain has edible leaves and seeds.  It can even provide health benefits such as improved digestion, enhanced wound healing and reduced inflammation.  In addition, Plantain Weed is widely offered as supplements, teas and

 Side effects and health benefits of plantain leaves

The plantain contains a lot of vitamin K.  The body systems use vitamin K to help blood clot.  Warfarin (Coumadin) is used for lower blood clotting.  By helping blood clots, large plants may reduce the effectiveness of warfarin (coumarin).