Crawfish vs Shrimp

What is The True Version Between Prawn, Crawfish vs Shrimp

Crawfish vs Shrimp|What is The True Version Between Prawn, Crawfish vs Shrimp

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Many questions arise as a result of people’s confusion between prawns, crawfish vs shrimp.

The main distinction between crawfish vs shrimp is that crawfish are freshwater decapods with huge front claws, while shrimp are usually marine decapods with such a long tail. Shrimps are also larger than crawfish.

Crawfish vs shrimp are two types of crustaceans that are well-known for their use as seafood.

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features, definition, and behavior


features, definition, and behavior


features, definition, and behavior

4 What’s the distinction between crawfish vs shrimp?

Comparison of Significant Differences

5-What are the similarities between crawfish vs shrimp?

A Summary of Common Features

6- Crayfish vs. Prawns

7-Shrimp vs. Prawn Body Structure and Shape

What exactly is a prawn?

“Prawn is a common term for small aquatic crustaceans.

Shrimp and prawn are now used interchangeably after years of uncertainty and a lack of scientific proof. However, there is a significant difference between prawns and shrimp.

The prawn’s exo, or outer bone characteristic, prevents it from bending at all; therefore, the prawns are practically straight.

Prawns have claws on all three pairs of legs, with the largest pincers on the second pair. Prawns release fertilized eggs into the water, which causes the eggs to expand.

In terms of flavor, prawns have a little sweetness to them, and they are seafood. People all over the world enjoy eating it in a variety of recipes and forms.

The Indian prawn (Fenneropenaeus) is one of the world’s most important trading species. Prawns are primarily found in the Indo-West Pacific, India, South-eastern Africa, Malaysia, Indonesia, northern Australia, and southern China.

Prawns vs crayfish have distinct flavors, and prawns are smaller in size than crayfish.

What exactly is shrimp?

A shrimp is primarily a saltwater crustacean with a long, fish-like double tail. One of their two pairs of antennae is long, while the other is short. Their long abdomen is also made up of numerous stacks. Shrimps are found in over 2000 different species around the world, with the majority of them being found in the United States.

Shrimps are commonly referred to as “cleaner shrimps” because they remove parasites and fungus from fish. Shrimps also coexist with sea urchins and starfish as commensals.

What exactly is crawfish?

Crawfish, also known as crayfish, crawdad, red swamp crayfish, mudbug, or spiny lobster, is a type of tiny decapod. Because crawfish have a pair of large front claws, they are frequently confused with lobsters, which are saltwater relatives of the crawfish. Crawfish are found in about 250 different species in North American rivers, lakes, canals, swamps, wetlands, and irrigation ditches. However, 400 crawfish species have been recognized around the world. Crawfish are nocturnal invertebrates that live beneath boulders.

Because crawfish are most active at night, they can be cultivated beside rice paddies and swampy rivers.

Similarities between Crawfish vs shrimp

Each has five pairs of swimmerets and five pairs of legs. As a result, they are known as decapods.

They scurry along the muddy or sandy ground.

• They have a high calorie, protein, and cholesterol content while being low in fat.

Their two bodily portions are the cephalothorax and abdomen. Their abdomen is made up of many segmented stacks.

They both have 2 pairs of antennae and maxillae.

 Crawfish vs shrimp are both crustaceans.

They have a chitin exoskeleton covering their bodies.

Crawfish vs Shrimp vs Prawn  (Prawn vs Crayfish vs Shrimp)

Crayfish vs Prawns

The difference between prawns and crayfish is that prawns are saltwater crustaceans, whereas crayfish are freshwater crustaceans. Although they may appear similar, if one does not look closely, there is a lot of variety.

One notable difference can be found in their reproductive processes.

Second, crayfish are little freshwater shellfish with five pairs of legs; they resemble small lobsters, are related to lobsters, and are highly appetizing.

While a prawn is similar to a shrimp in size, it is a well-thought-out marine organism that does not live in freshwater.

Crawfish have nails, and their skin is less pleasant than prawn flesh. Furthermore, the crawfish does not provide as much meat. Shrimp and prawns are closely related.

Crawfish are also referred to as crawfish or crawdads. Prawns have more protein than crayfish, presumably due to their bigger size and ability to hold more meat.

The prawns are easy to peel and eat, but the crawfish have a tough shell to break.

Note: Crawfish vs Shrimp vs Prawn

Overall, prawns are very attractive due to their flavor, simplicity of peeling, and ease of eating.

What Is the Difference Between Crawfish and Shrimp?


Crawfish are large edible crustaceans with a spiny shell and long, heavy antennae but no large claws like true lobsters, whereas shrimp are decapods with long antennae, slender legs, and a barrel-shaped, muscular belly that is well adapted to both forward and backward (retrograde) escape responses.


Shrimps are bigger than crawfish; crawfish are 3-4 inches long, whereas shrimps are 8 inches long.


When comparing their environments, crawfish live in freshwater while shrimp live in saltwater.

Habitats for feeding

These two crustaceans also feed in distinct environments. Crawfish are active at night, whereas shrimp clean fish of fungus and parasites.


Crawfish can be red, orange, dark green, black, or white in color, whereas shrimp can be brown, pink, or white in color.

Claws on the front

While crawfish have a pair of large front claws, shrimp do not.

prawn, Crawfish vs shrimp: What is the differences between prawn and shrimp

This is where things become complicated, because prawns and shrimp appear extremely similar. If you ask others how they tell the difference, they will tell you that one is larger than the other. In actuality, this is incorrect. Because they are from the same family, they have a striking resemblance.

Shrimp vs. Prawn Body Structure and Shape

You can tell the difference between these two by looking at their body composition. Shrimp have claws on two of their five pairs of legs, but prawns have claws on three of their five pairs of legs.

Furthermore, the shrimp has a distinct bend as opposed to the prawn, which has a curved bend. The prawn has no distinct or sharp bends.