Chicken and Chips

Chicken and Chips: Best Dinner Recipe-Asikoherbs

Chicken and Chips: Best Dinner Recipe-Asikoherbs

Chicken and Chips

Chicken and chips is a quick snack that has been made healthier; it is nutritious and contains carbohydrates, fat, and oil. Jacques Sesson, says that it is for both the young and the aged.

Chicken and chips is a popular culinary combo in the United Kingdom. It is also considered a delicacy by many Nigerians. It is served as an appetiser at gatherings, taverns, and restaurants.

Snacks like chicken and chips

This simple, quick snack may be modified and consumed on its own as potato chips or chicken chips.

Similarly, roasted chicken, dairy-free with no corn or potatoes, may be served with sea salt and jalapeo to enhance the tastes of superb Buffalo chicken and chicken waffles.

With juicy chicken and healthy chips, this meal is an all-time favorite turned healthy. It is a quick and simple treat to make that is also quite nutritious.

Chicken and chips near me

There are several fast food restaurants serving chips and chicken across the city, such as


• Chicken Republic

• Tastee Fried Chicken

• The Giant Chicken

What should I eat with chicken and chips?

Chicken and chips “Menu” is a word used to describe what goes with fried chicken and chips. It’s best served with tomato ketchup, tomato sauce, salad, and green leafy vegetables. This food is also very popular in the United Kingdom, where it is a favorite dish.

Fried Chicken and Chips Recipe

Homemade crispy chicken skin and French fries are both healthy and nutritious, and they are also quite simple to cook.

Ingredient for Potato Chips


• Pepper

• Salt

• Powdered garlic (optional)

• Vegetable frying oil

How to make Chips

Chicken and Chips

1. First, remove the Irish potatoes’ skin, then cut into thin slices and soak in cold water with salt for 20–25 minutes in a large bowl.

2. Next, sieve off the water and drain it through a sieve.In a separate smaller bowl, combine the garlic powder and pepper, then set aside.

3. Third, heat the vegetable oil in a frying pan, add the sliced potatoes, and cook until dry and slightly brown.

4. Finally, remove the contents of the pan onto a sieve lined with a paper towel, sprinkle with the pepper and garlic combination, and set aside.

 Ingredients for chicken


• Onion

• Flour

• Onion and garlic

• ground black pepper

• Adjust the seasoning to taste.

• Seasoning

• Vegetables oil

How to Cook/Grill Chicken

Chicken and Chips

• Step one: Carefully wash the chicken in a bowl or pot. Next, combine the pepper, salt, seasoning, garlic powder, onions, and marinade the chicken.

Place your chicken in a pot, cover it, and cook it until soft.

Once the chicken is well cooked, remove it from the heat and sieve/drain the stock.

In a separate bowl, combine the flour and chicken.

Next, heat the vegetable oil in a frying pan and deep fry the chicken until golden brown.

• Finally, remove from the heat and strain through a sieve.

Serve your fried chicken and chips and enjoy!