Goron Tula Fruit

Health Benefits of Goron Tula Fruit : Miracle Fruit-Asikoherbs

Health Benefits Goron Tula Fruit : Miracle Fruit-Asikoherbs

Although many people are unaware of its existence, goron tula is regarded as a “wonder fruit” by those who are aware of its many health benefits

Goron Tula fruit (Hausa) is also known as Thespesia or Silky Kola. In English, it is also known as tree hibiscus and snot apple. There is no Yoruba word for it.

Goron Tula, a member of the Malvaceae family, includes alkaloids, carotenoids, amino acids, ascorbic acid, cyanogenic glucosides, and flavonoids.

Goron Tula, also known as Azanza Garckeana, is a multifunctional edible fruit with a sweet and chewy nut that is frequently referred to as African Chewing Gum. The practice, which is widely cultivated in Tula, a community in the Kaltungo Local Government Area of Gombe State and Michika, a community in Adamawa State in Nigeria, has produced stories of enhanced sexual performance, transformation, and enhancement.

Goron Tula Powder is available in local markets in a number of African nations, including Kenya, Nigeria, Botswana (Morojwa), Zambia, Tanzania, and Zimbabwe (Mutohwe).

Aside from the Goron Tula fruit, the tree supplies feed for animals, timber for fuel, shade, and soil conservation.

The bark and roots of this indigenous fruit are also utilized for medicinal reasons, as are the Goron Tula pulp and Goron Tula seed. Miss Chidera Ezenwafor, a dietitian, was also mentioned by Daily Trust as saying that the Goron Tula fruit is a wonder seed.

According to the dietician, the fruit may also help with bowel movement and digestion. Goron Tula fruit nuts are well known for treating infertility issues in both men and women.

Goron Tula fruit possesses several health benefits. This article focuses on the health benefits and the miracle behind Goron tula fruit.

Health Benefits of Goron Tula Fruit|Goron tula Uses

As I said earlier, the health benefits of Goron tula are enormous. Here is some of the good news as follows:

It makes the vagina wet and juicy.

Without a doubt, some ladies experience vaginal dryness during sexual intercourse, which makes sex uncomfortable and unappealing. Although some people go so far as to use oil as a lubricant to reduce strain during entry. While it works for some, it destroys the sexual lives of others.

So, if you want to improve your sexual connection in bed by saying no to vaginal dryness, Goron Tula fruit is the natural solution. It promotes the creation of vaginal moisture without causing irritation, and it is ideal for keeping the vaginal region moist and wet.

Goron Tula has been prescribed for ladies who have difficulty reaching orgasm. You need to chew approximately 510 pieces to really feel the impact down there, however depending on your body type, you may need to eat more or less. I got the result.

Increase in libido

Goron Tula Fruit

Goron tula fruit is used to boost libido since the fruit helps in developing of strong desires for sexual intercourse and also serves as an aphrodisiac for many rounds of having sex with your partner. People who have a reduced libido as a result of stress or other medical issues should try Goron Tula.

Gets rid of vagina odour.

Gorontula is effective in removing bad odors from the vagina since it acts as a vagina cleaner, cleaning it.

Goron Tula fruit Enhancement Fertility

Goron Tula Fruit

If you’re looking for a natural fertility booster, Goron Tula is the solution. This miraculous fruit helps to increase the virginal moisture of the female reproductive system by keeping the vagina area moist and wet before sexual activity.

If you eat a lot of fruit, you can keep your vagina wet and slippery, which makes it easier to get in, have sex with a partner, and transfer egg white cervical mucus from your cervical mucus into your uterus and fallopian tubes.

Because of the fruit’s antibacterial, antifungal, antihyperglycemic, antimalarial, antioxidant, and iron absorption capabilities, it is commonly recommended for people who are trying to conceive because it helps deactivate free radicals in the body, which may harm both sperm and egg cells.

Goron Tula fruit is also high in magnesium, which aids in the regulation of the body’s stress-response mechanism. According to research in the Journal of Biology, Agriculture, and Healthcare, the fruit should be promoted because it reduces the need for synthetic drugs to boost fertility.

Lubrication of the cervix

Women with dry vagina are recommended to try Goron tula since it stimulates the production of vaginal moisture and is ideal for keeping the Silky kola is one of the most powerful and fast-acting aphrodisiacs. It cures a variety of diseases, the most prevalent of which being infertility. and wet. Goron Tula has been recommended for women who have difficulty reaching orgasm. To feel the effect extremely thoroughly down there, you need to chew approximately 5–10 pieces, but depending on your body type, you may need to chew more or less.

There is nothing to lose by including this miracle fruit in your diet since it offers several body benefits, including:

  • Reduce your blood pressure.
  • Cleanse your whole body system.
  • Avoid liver issues.
  • Cancer avoidance
  • Increase your bowel movements.
  • improve the body’s immune system.
  • lowers blood sugar levels (for diabetes patients).
  • It relieves chest discomfort.
  • Beneficial for weight reduction,
  • Goron Tula and hormonal imbalance: Inconsistent cycles may indicate a mild hormonal imbalance.

How to Use of Goron Tula

The most basic way to consume Goron Tula fruit is consumed by chewing it when it is ripe; it is chewed like gum and provides a pleasant flavor. After extracting the seed, you may chew the flesh of the fruit uncooked.

In addition, the fruits may be steeped in a tiny quantity of water to make jelly. It is easier to chew when it is soft, or it may be cooked and used as a relish or to make porridge. This is most likely why it is known as “African Chewing Gum.” Some people dry them and rehydrate them later.

Goron Tula is one of the most potent and quick-acting aphrodisiacs. It’s used to treat a lot of different illnesses, but it’s most commonly used to make a woman’s vagina bigger and better looking.

Alternatively, wash the Goron Tula fruit completely to remove any dirt, then place it in a kettle with clean water and bring it to a boil for 30 minutes. Peel off the outer layer and chew the inside section when it has been thoroughly cooked.

You might opt to take two pieces every day to prepare yourself for possible enjoyable penetration. Maintain a generally healthy lifestyle by exercising, staying hydrated, and eating more raw foods rather than fried and sugary meals.

How to eat Goron Tula

Goron Tula Fruit

1 – To begin with, break the seed and chew it like gum.

2 – Similarly, as the fruit ripens, you may eat it uncooked.

3 – You may also mix the powder with oatmeal, tea, and yogurt.

4 – You may either soak the dried snot apple in water or honey to make jelly or eat it as is.

5 – Another way to enjoy silky kola is to boil it and mix it into cereal.

6 – Finally, you may mix it with other herbs to give a perfect result, such as Kayan mata: Tula Goron horny liquid


How  Nutritious is Snot Apple?

The Tula kola nut has several uses. It has antifungal, antibacterial, antioxidant, antimalarial, anti-hyperglycemic, and iron-absorbing properties. This miraculous fruit offers powerful health benefits with little or no adverse effects.

What Is the Function of the Azania garckeana Plant?

Silky kola is one of the most powerful and fast-acting aphrodisiacs. It cures a variety of diseases, the most prevalent of which being infertility.

How to use Goron Tula for Weight Loss?

Goron Tula fruit is well-known for its fat-burning properties.

Goron Tula fruit promotes healthy weight reduction by aiding in the combustion of extra calories in the body, as well as the burning of abdominal fat for a flat tummy.

Make an attempt to have a healthy lifestyle in general by exercising, keeping hydrated, and eating more fresh foods rather than fried or sugary items.

How to Extract Goron Tula Syrup| Goron Tula juice Recipe

To begin, wash the dry seed, eat it whole while sucking the juice, and then discard the shaft.

Second, soak a few seeds in boiling water, strain when cold, and consume or use the juice in smoothies.

Goron Tula Side Effects (Azanza Garckeana)

Goron Tula may be eaten raw and is suitable for people of all ages. After extracting the seed, you may chew the flesh of the fruit uncooked. However, as beneficial as the fruit is, it does have adverse effects, as do many other herbal plants, which include.


Because Goron Tula, like many plant foods, contains tannic acid, over consumption of the fruit might make you prone to cancer. Tannic acid is a water-soluble polyphenol found in many plant diets. As a result, consuming too much Goron Tula fruit may predispose you to cancer.

Forced interval

As previously said, Goron Tula includes anti-inflammatory characteristics that may cause menstrual flow to arrive sooner, so women who are anticipating their period in a few days may have an early visitor if they ingest the fruit.

Furthermore, consuming more than ten Goron Tula fruits in one day is considered an overdose and might result in an early menstrual cycle. To prevent reactions and irritation, the fruit should be eaten or taken in moderation for whatever reason it may be.

 One of the things that the fruit’s anti-oxidants accomplish is ridding the system of any impurities. This is why it promotes fertility.

Unwanted Reaction

Goron Tula includes a high amount of polyphenol, which is safe for most people but may be harmful to others. As a consequence, people with certain medical issues are often advised to avoid fruits such as Goron Tula.

Similarly, people with particular dietary sensitivities may need to avoid polyphenol-rich foods such as Goron Tula.

However, based on the study results, it is clear that the fruit might continue to clean the uterus of everything it discovers, which could include the fetus.

When you get pregnant, you must stop using Goron Tula and seek guidance on the finest meals to eat in order to provide the required nutrients to the developing kid.