Protein Foods in Nigeria

Top 70+Rich Protein Foods in Nigeria-Asikoherbs

Top 70+Rich Protein Foods in Nigeria-Asikoherbs

Protein-rich foods are considered body-building foods. This is because protein includes the body qualities that “build” the body or enable it to expand. Are you seeking high-protein foods in Nigeria? Look no further, because I’ve compiled a comprehensive list of high-quality protein foods in Nigeria right here.

What are the highest protein foods in Nigeria? In Nigeria, I mean both plant and animal proteins.

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Protein Foods in Nigeria

However, the fact is that we prefer carbohydrates most of the time. This is not to say that carbohydrates are evil or that the body does not need them, but in order to maintain balance, you must consume a sufficient amount of protein. The issue is that some people are unsure of which foods are proteinous.

That is why, today, we will look at rich-protein foods in Nigeria to help you balance your protein diet.

Nigerian Protein Foods: Health Benefits of Protein Foods in Nigeria

Proteins aid in stomach filling and are an essential component of any weight-loss diet meal plan.

The general belief is that women should take 46 grams of protein per day while men should consume 56 grams (probably because of their muscle mass). Several studies, however, show that children should eat much more protein since it is necessary for optimal development.

People who desire to bulk up, pregnant or nursing women, and the elderly may need more protein.

The following is a list of rich-protein foods in Nigeria, including both plant and animal proteins, that I compiled from the trustworthy scientific literature:

1. Plant Proteins in Nigeria-Case Studies

  • Walnut
  • The Pumpkin Seed
  • Moi, Moi.
  • Akara (Bean Cake)
  • Seeds of Chia
  • Pistachios
  • Cheese (Wara)
  • Soybeans
  • Cowpea
  • Groundnuts
  • Melon Seed
  • Ewedu
  • Soyamilk from Soya
  • Ogbono
  • Beans of Locust (Iru, Ogiri, Dawadawa)
  • Millet
  • Wheat
  • Gbegiri
  • Lentils
  • Chickpea
  • The Green Pea
  • Tofu
  • Cocoyam
  • Corn from Guinea (Ogi Baba)
  • Quaker Oatmeal
  • Cacao Nut
  • The Peanut Butter
  • Broccoli
  • Soup with groundnuts
  • Potatoes
  • Quinoa
  • Mushrooms that are edible

2. Examples of Animal Proteins in Nigeria

  • Tuna
  • Snail
  • Prawns
  • Periwinkle
  • Crabs
  • Meat from a Ram
  • Meat from ducks
  • Meat from rabbits
  • Termites
  • Worms that are edible
  • Crayfish Dried
  • Eggs (Egg Whites, Not Yolk)
  • Yogurt
  • Cheese
  • Beef
  • Pork
  • Meat from a goat
  • Pork (piggy meat)
  • Meat from the Bush (Grasscutter, Antelope, Rabbit)
  • Kefir (Kefir Is a fermented drink, Made Using Cow or Goat MilkTraditionally )
  • Shrimp
  • Turkey
  • Fish (Croaker, Shiny, Cumbia)
  • Salmon
  • Milk
  • Milk from cows

Other low-protein foods popular in Nigeria include:

  • Groundnuts
  • The peanut butter
  • Crayfish Dried
  • Soya bean products
  • Cocoyam
  • Corn from Guinea (Ogi baba)
  • Oats


Why Should You Consume More Protein?

The importance of eating adequate protein cannot be overstated.

There are many points of contention in the health and fitness business, but one thing everyone agrees on is the importance of protein.

That is why a low-protein diet is seldom mentioned. The same cannot be said for carbohydrates or fat.

Anyway, here are some protein benefits:

Muscle building: Without protein, it is very difficult to build a good-looking body. Because of this, protein is a bodybuilder’s best buddy.

Weight loss: The easiest and most painless strategy to reduce weight is to increase protein consumption. Because it has been shown that a high protein diet might restrict your hunger. And it may lessen obsessive thoughts and the urge to eat by up to 60%.

Overall Health: Eating extra protein is the most delicious way to improve your health. Protein is found in your skin, nails, hair, muscles, bones, and certain hormones. As a result, your body will not operate correctly without it.

What is the purpose of protein foods?

Protein is a necessary element of a balanced diet… Proteins are made of chemical ‘building blocks’ known as amino acids. The body uses amino acids to create and repair muscles and bones, as well as to manufacture sex hormones. They may also be utilized as a source of energy.

Which food has the highest protein content?

  • Sources of Protein from Animals
  • Poultry. If you consume meat, turkey and chicken breast are excellent sources of protein to add to your diet. …
  • seafood
  • Eggs. Egg whites, to be precise…
  • Red Meat that is lean.

Where can I obtain assistance?

  • Your physician
  • Dietitians


Amino acid is a protein-building block. The human body produces 11 amino acids but must get the remaining nine from food. Animal products are complete proteins, which means they include all of the essential amino acids. Some plant products, such as soya beans and quinoa, contain full proteins, while others have incomplete proteins.