Dhamasa Booti Benefits Cancer

Amazing Dhamasa Booti Benefits Cancer -Asikoherbs

Amazing dhamasa booti benefits cancer -Asikoherbs

Dhamasa booti has a lot of health benefits. The dhamasa booti is a thorny plant with the scientific name is “Fagonia Arabica” or “Fagonia Cretica. Dhamasa booti is used in curing various diseases like cancer.

Dhamasa Booti Benefits Cancer

Fagonia is the most researched herb around the world with various proven benefits. As dhamasa booti has a lot of benefits for human health, it is often used in many areas as an herbal medication for health problems like fever, skin diseases, heart diseases, as well as cancer. “Suchi booti” is also a famous name for Dhamasa booti. In this article we will discuss what are dhamasa booti benefits cancer.

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Medicinal Uses Of dhamasa booti benefits Cancer

Dhamasa booti is a medicinal herb that can treat health problems. Fagonia (dhamasa booti) is the best blood purifier and decomposes blood clots to save from brain hemorrhage and heart problems. It has anti-cancerous properties, flowers and leaves of fagonia can treat all types of cancers and thalassemia. It is used for cooling effects if you feel any burning sensation in the stomach, soothe an inflamed or sore mouth, treat all types of hepatitis. It is suitable for the liver and prevents/cures liver cancer, helps treat body pains allergies, heals pimples and other dermatology problems. It is effective against PCOS, strengthens the brain, and improves overall mental health. Fagonia Arabica proves to be very miraculous. It treats various diseases, is helpful in the absorption of supplements, and does not have any harmful effects but it can cause gastric issues if we take it on an empty stomach.

 Dhamasa booti benefits Cancer-Fighting Herbal Medicin

There are many dhamasa booti benefits for cancer, have anti-cancerous properties, and are also known to be a cancer-fighting herbal medicine. Mainly the flowers and leaves of dhamasa booti are used to treat various cancerous diseases and are very effective against cancer. Dhamasa Booti Benefits for Cancer good against fighting cancer and helpful in treating such as breast cancer, liver cancer, anal cancer, lung cancer, etc

Fight against PCOS

Dhamasa booti works effectively for women’s health issues, like PCOS. Its beneficial properties fight off several common health problems in women. You can also use this herb to treat fertility disorders, leucorrhea, marasmus, fibroids, etc. But you should consult with your doctor to diagnose the severity.

Boosts your Mood

Mental health issues can affect your mood. A scientific study says that this herbal medicine acts as a magical wand. It improves your mental ability and boosts your mood by strengthening your brain.

Some Other Benefits of Dhamasa Booti – Dhamasa Booti Benefits Cancer

  • Normalizes blood pressure disorders.
  • Helps to recover the side-effects of smoking.
  • Treats breathing and asthma difficulty.
  • A hot infusion of Dhamasa Booti is given to prevent smallpox.
  • It gives relief from neck stiffness.
  • It Increases urination to overhaul the kidneys and urinal system.
  • Its antioxidant properties help in reducing stress.
  • It alleviates symptoms such as vomiting, burning sensation, thirst, etc.
  • Dhamasa powder benefits used for several years as the best herbal blood purifier, blood clots’ decomposer, and for preventing brain hemorrhage and heart attacks.
  • Strengthens liver and stomach.
  • It enhances the weight and physical strength of underweight people.
  • Cures gum and mouth disorders.
  • Used to control the weight of obese.
  • Treats different types of Hepatitis.
  • Its leaves and flowers can treat all types of Thalassemia.
  • It is used for the cooling effect.
  • Helpful in treating body pains.
  • Improves heart disorders and mental ability.
  • Cures allergies.

Dhamasa Booti Benefits Cancer – What exactly is dhamasa booti made of?

Dhamasa booti has the following ingredients:

  • Praline
  • Alanine
  • Oleanane group terpenoids
  • Glycine
  • Valine and tyrosine
  • The amino acids
  • Alkaloids
  • Lysine
  • Phenylalanine
  • Leucine
  • Isoleucine arginine


What is dhamasa booti?

It is a plant, also known as Fagonia in English that is used as a single herbal medication for the treatment of general health conditions like heart disorders, cancer, and hepatitis.

What does Dhamasa booti taste like?

Dhamasa booti comes with a different taste which depends on the growth stage and parts of the plant. It may be sour, sharp, sour, or sweet if you are lucky.

Who shouldn’t use Dhamasa booti?

Just like other natural products, Dhamasa booti is reliable and safe for consumption.

However, one needs to be careful about the safe dose and the mode of consumption. Pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers should refrain from using it.

After knowing about these facts, now it’s your turn to reap amazing Dhamasa booti benefits!