Dhamasa booti

6 Surprising Benefits of Dhamasa booti To Improve The Health

What is Dhamasa booti

It is a plant that is also known as Fagonia in English and is used as a single herbal therapy to treat general health concerns such as heart disorders, cancer, and hepatitis.

Dhamasa booti

Dhamasa booti provides several health advantages. Because of its therapeutic and antioxidant properties, it is an essential herbal medicine used to treat a broad variety of maladies and disorders. The scientific name for the dhamasa booti is “Fagonia Arabica” or “Fagonia Cretica.” Dhamasa booti is used to treat a variety of diseases, including cancer, allergic reactions, burns, and skin lesions.

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Fagonia is the most studied plant in the world, having several documented benefits. Because dhamasa booti offers several health benefits, it is widely used as a herbal medicine for conditions such as fever, skin diseases, heart disease, and cancer. Dhamasa booti is also known as “Suchi booti.”

What are the medicinal properties of Dhamasa booti? Fagonia Arabica Health Benefits

Dhamasa booti is a medicinal plant that may be used to treat various health issues. Fagonia (dhamasa booti) is a powerful blood cleanser that breaks down blood clots, reducing brain hemorrhage and heart problems. It contains anti cancerous properties, and the flowers and leaves of fagonia may treat all types of cancer and thalassemia. It is used to relieve a burning sensation in the stomach, calm an irritated or painful mouth, and treat all types of hepatitis. It is helpful to the liver and prevents liver cancer, as well as assisting in the treatment of aches and pains, allergies, acne, and other dermatological concerns. It is effective against PCOS, strengthens the brain, and improves general mental health. Fagonia Arabica has shown to be quite exceptional. It relieves a multitude of ailments, assists in vitamin absorption, and has no negative side effects; nevertheless, it may cause digestive issues if taken on an empty stomach.

Still not convinced? Let’s look at the health benefits of dhamasa booti!

Benefits of Dhamasa booti

1. Prevents heart disease

Dhamasa booti strengthens your heart and helps to avoid heart problems such as heart attacks.

2. Herbal Medicine for Cancer

There are several dhamasa booti cancer benefits, including anti-cancerous qualities and use as a cancer-fighting herbal therapy. The flowers and leaves of dhamasa booti are mostly used to treat cancer and are particularly effective against cancer. It is particularly effective in combating cancer and in treating cancers such as breast cancer, liver cancer, anal cancer, lung cancer, and others.

3. For asthma treatment

If you have asthma, dhamasa booti may help you breathe easier. It is known to be effective in patients who have breathing difficulties.

4. boosts your mood

Mental health difficulties might have an impact on your mood. According to a scientific investigation, this herbal remedy operates like a magical wand. It boosts your mood and improves your mental abilities by strengthening your brain.

5. It cleans your blood

Fagonia Arabica may be referred to as a blood purifier. Based on the NCBI, Fagonia possesses fibrinolytic properties that aid in the dissolution of blood clots.

According to experts, the procedure of cleansing blood is effective for your general health. According to scientific research, Fagonia Arabica consumption decomposes blood clots, which also protects you from a brain hemorrhage. People suffering from thalassemia might also benefit from Dhamasa booti, which prevents blood clotting.

6. Combat PCOS

Fagonia Arabica is effective for women’s health conditions such as PCOS. Its helpful characteristics help women with a variety of common health issues. This plant may also be used to treat reproductive issues, leucorrhea, marasmus, fibroids, and other conditions. However, you should speak with your doctor to determine the severity.

How to use Dhamasa Booti

For two weeks, use five to ten leaves after grinding, immediately after meals.

dhamasa booti

After grinding it in water, you may eat the green section of its branches, which includes thorns, leaves, woods, flowers, and fruits. It is sufficient to have a cup or half of the semi-filtered juice twice a day after meals.

You may also grind a thick paste out of its green branches or leaves and form them into chickpea-sized tablets. 2 pills with breakfast or supper.

When administered as a liquid for just two weeks, it produced excellent curative results.

As a result of traditional knowledge and study, the Fagonia plant has medicinal potential and may be employed for a range of pharmacological activities.

If it is not accessible in green form, you may buy it dried from a market. Grind them all together and use the powder to fill full-sized capsules. Take 1-2 capsules twice a day, immediately after meals.

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Fagonia Arabica (Dhamasa Booti) is a natural gift that has been bestowed on us. It is used as a medicinal herb because it relieves a wide range of health problems without generating any negative effects. Please book an appointment with the top Nutritionist.