How To Prepare Scent Leaf Tea

How To Prepare Scent Leaf Tea: Health Benefits of Scent Leaves

How To Prepare Scent Leaf Tea: Health Benefits of Scent Leaves

How To Prepare Scent Leaf Tea

What is Scent leaf

Scent leaf, also known as Ocimum gratissimum, is an African plant. The plant’s leaves and blooms are utilized in traditional medicine for their alleged health benefits. Some of the stated benefits of scent leaf include pain alleviation, headache relief, and fever treatment. It is also known to increase energy and help digestion. While there is some anecdotal evidence to back up these claims, additional study is needed to prove scent leaf’s usefulness.

Scent Leaf’s Brief History

Scent leaf, botanical name is ocimum Gratissimum, is a tropical plant that belongs to the Lamiaceae family.

A scent leaf plant may survive for more than two (2) years and can be found in the wild, despite being a cultivated shrub.

It is a fragrant plant that has several health and skin benefits. It is also used in cuisine.

Scent leaf is known by several names in Nigeria, with distinct names for different tribes.

The Yorubas refer to it as Efirin, the Igbo as Nchanwu leaf, the Hausas as Daidoya, the Edos as Aramogbo, and the Efiks as Ntong.

Aside from eating scent leaf as a vegetable, it may also be consumed orally by boiling it in water, as described in the preceding section.

How to Prepare Scent Leaf Tea – How to make Scent Leaf Tea

Tea brewing is an old custom that has been practiced for generations. The procedure of producing tea is straightforward, however, there are a few considerations when creating scent leaf tea.

This tea has a mild, delicate taste and is made from the leaves of the Camellia sinensis plant. This tea, when properly made, maybe a delightful and calming beverage. Here are some pointers on how to Prepare Scent Leaf Tea perfectly..

How To Prepare Scent Leaf Tea

To get fresh natural scent leaf tea, make tea on the stove by boiling water and adding tea leaf, spices, or other components. Thoroughly wash the lemon leaves. Herbal tea is the finest tea to make on the stove.

Fresh herbs and spices are used to make teas such as fragrance leaves, ginger and lemon tea, and black tea. All of them are suitable for practically any type of loose tea. In a kettle, bring water and scent leaves to a boil, then heat. If you want your tea sweetened or with milk. Now is the time to combine milk, sugar, or honey.

How to prepare Scent Leaf Tea l Amazing Health Benefits of Scent Leaves

1) Leaf leaves aid digestion, which helps in stool elimination and weight control.

2) It may be used to treat oral infections since it destroys all bacteria in the mouth and causes tooth decay and bad breath

3) It is used to treat fevers, colds, and flu. Ringworm is utilized in the treatment of skin diseases.

4) scent leaf to cure fungal infections.

5) Scent leaf is also beneficial for weight loss.

6) It boosts the immune system and helps to control blood sugar levels.

It is recommended to include scent leaf tea in your diet for scent leaf and fertility. Because scent leaf has a lot of great health benefits on its own, notably the quicker maturation of eggs role that it performs like a performance.

As women, including scent leaf tea into our daily diets aids in the delayed stimulation of menopause. The benefits of scent leaf in pregnancy may be obtained by tea or by including it in your veggie meal.

How to prepare Scent Leaf Tea -The Spiritual benefits of Scent Leaf

Another advantage of scent leaf is its spiritual value; certain people are susceptible to charm and mantras. It might be their boyfriend or spouse using it to exert control over them. Others are subject to the wicked mantra.

They steal, lie, or do other heinous crimes, but not with a clear mind or with purpose. If you see this in your life, or in the life of a kid or sibling, prepare and utilize a perfumed water bath to break the spell or charm.

Do not wait until something disastrous occurs to you. Learn to utilize this water bath on a regular basis.

Some people are immune to spells and charms. Curses have been placed on them. An elderly or ailing person may have cursed them in their current state. If you know you can’t contact that person and apologize because that person is no longer alive, please begin your scented water bath right away.

Curses are powerful and may hurt you as long as they are carried on your head.


Is scent leaf beneficial to menstruation? How to prepare Scent Leaf Tea

Scent leaves offer anti-inflammatory properties comparable to drugs such as aspirin and ibuprofen, but are gentler on the stomach linings.

The leaves of gratissimum may be used to make a decoction that can be used to treat fever, stomachaches, earaches, and menstrual discomfort.

What is the most effective technique to utilize scent leaves? How to prepare Scent Leaf Tea

Scent Leaf Care and Use

Fresh or dried scent leaves may be used to make foods such as black soup, pepper soup, and egusi soup.

It may also be juiced or made into a tea and used as a medicinal herb to treat a range of diseases.

When is the ideal time to take scent leaves for fertility? How to prepare Scent Leaf Tea

Fertility and scent leaves

It hastens egg maturation and delays menopause. According to studies, the aroma’s high content of phytochemicals may improve poor sperm motility or count. It may be eaten as tea once a week.

What herbs may I drink to get pregnant? How to prepare Scent Leaf Tea

Here are five herbs that may be useful.

The Shatavari (Asparagus) As the name implies, asparagus is thought to be a female reproductive tonic that may increase fertility and energy.

  • The herb black cohosh
  • Herbs from China
  • Ashwagandha is another name for Withania somnifera.
  • Agnus castus, sometimes known as chaste berry

Side Effects

In terms of scent leaf side effects, using scent leaf tea in moderation has no negative side effects. Scent leaf extract has the following adverse effects: It produces very low blood pressure in those with high blood pressure. Scent leaf oil and extract decrease blood clotting and increases bleeding in pregnant women in most situations. In addition, it might induce excessive bleeding or a bleeding defect in surgical patients.


Aqueous scent leaf infusion in 100 mL / L drinking water enhance feed efficiency, lowering body weight, live weight, carcass weight, and belly fat. As a result, scent leaves act as a natural growth stimulator. More research on the impact of its administration on several physiological parameters is needed, however, to assure its safety as a feed supplement for broiler chicks.