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Asikoherbs Engagement Policy

Our relationships with all of our customers around the world are up-to-date and we help bring exciting content to you on a daily basis. We also take cyber-security issues very seriously so that we can continue to protect you, our partners, and our brand. With this in mind, we need to remember that we are not engaging in the practice of listening or fishing. Any correspondence from you to our company should be an official email address ending with asikoherbs. Any email you obtain without this status may be an employee, representative or partner, or a fraudulent act to asikoherbs. We are thoroughly investigating and aggressively taking legal action against any person or persons who pretend to be our company employees or misrepresent us as our own partner to deceive you. There are criminal charges against such people. If you receive such an email, please let us know immediately. We appreciate your help in ensuring that ASIKOHERBS is a safe digital environment for everyone to enjoy.

Thank you for taking interest in what we do. Please, read our About page to learn more about what we do.

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